11 December 2017,
Eemeel Paintings

more plump nudes
susanna and the elders
and the elders
size 70x50 cm
acryl on paper
size 50x70 cm
acryl on paper
plump woman on bed
Plump Woman
on bed
size 70x100 cm
acryl on paper
plump angel
Plump Angel
size 70x50 cm
acryl on paper

The left painting is about Susanna when taking a bath in her garden and is spied by some elders.
The elders threaten Susanna to tell that she has met her secret lover unless she makes love with them.
This bible story is a theme for many of the old masters like van Dijck and Rembrandt.
My painting is a reproduction of Rubens Susanna and the Elders, but painted in my way, having now rasta hair.

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